A building materials manufacturer in Colombia had to shut down 90% of production due to damage and contamination by oil, silt, and sewage after mudslides and flooding impacted three acres of outdoor space and the interiors of four buildings.
ATI brought this major manufacturer back to full production just 10 weeks after disaster through outstanding training of plant personnel in cleaning, disinfection, and restoration protocols, through Spanish-fluent communication and the securement of supplies and materials in a timely manner.

The Situation

Two days of major rainstorms caused flooding and mudslides, severely impacting a manufacturer of building materials in Colombia, South America. The interiors of four buildings and more than three acres of outdoor space were damaged by nearly four feet of mud and water contaminated with silt, oil and sewage. Major manufacturing and electrical equipment, raw stock and finished inventory were also damaged, forcing the company to shut down 90 percent of its production.

The Solution

ATI was contracted to train and supervise the plant personnel in removing debris; cleaning and disinfecting mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, ovens, storage areas, patios, river bends, driveways, walls, warehouse floors, pools and walls; and how to perform equipment restoration including corrosion control.

Since the ATI team on the job was fluent in Spanish and familiar with the culture, they were able to secure supplies and materials without delaying the project timeline. With proficient communication, outstanding training, sufficient manpower and technical expertise, ATI brought this major manufacturer back into full production just 10 weeks after disaster struck.

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