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Last month, we launched a two-part series highlighting some of the incredibly inspiring women of ATI in celebration of Women in Construction Week, which took place from March 3 to 9, 2024.

It is with great excitement that we share the stories of five additional women who go above and beyond every day to deliver excellence. We are proud of what they are accomplishing for themselves and our clients every day.


Ryder Hendrix

Regional Manager- Greenville, South Carolina

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryder Hendrix was restless. Suffering through endless Zoom calls as a business development specialist, she was looking for a career change. So, when she connected with our general manager in Greenville, he brought her on as a Project Manager.

Ryder quickly ascended the ranks, becoming one of the top Project Managers nationally in just eight months. Her tenacity and determination led to her promotion to Regional Manager of our Greenville, South Carolina office, followed by the addition of the Charlotte, North Carolina office.

One of Ryder’s biggest achievements to date has been focused on creating a thriving company culture. For Ryder, leadership is about more than just managing tasks; it’s about building a strong, cohesive team. Within three months, Ryder accelerated growth and built a unified team, using her leadership skills and commitment to open communication. Ryder also encourages a culture of continual improvement, acknowledging that embracing discomfort is necessary for personal and professional growth.

Ryder’s eclectic background, including degrees in front-end design and coding, Spanish, and business development, brings a well-rounded skill set to her role. She attributes her success to her adaptability, financial acumen, and emotional intelligence in navigating the challenges of the restoration industry. She advises, “These roles are difficult. But if you decide to do this work, you have to be disciplined. You can’t just press the ‘easy button.’ The easy button usually doesn’t work in the long run.”

Ryder loves seeing women succeed in the field. “We need women in construction, and we need balance. I get so happy when I see women realizing what they can do and enjoying their role.” Her advice to women looking to break into restoration is to “dive headfirst into opportunities, be humble enough to learn from every situation, and develop resilience when faced with challenges.” Setting boundaries is also important, she says. “You have to be able to say ‘no’ when you need to and be ready for pushback. You also have to know your value: know who you are and your strengths and weaknesses and be able to take constructive feedback.”


Tammy McClung

Senior Project Director – Sacramento, California

Tammy McClung learned about the restoration industry from her work as an outside sales representative for a large home improvement retailer, where she served restoration contractors. Her decision to pursue a career in restoration was fueled by her interest in understanding the components that make up a finished product. Inspired by a colleague who recognized her potential as an estimator, Tammy embraced the challenge and hasn’t looked back since.

At ATI, Tammy manages projects from start to finish, identifying project scopes, writing estimates, and overseeing project teams. In the event of emergencies or catastrophic incidents, Tammy steps in to assess and strategize, ensuring that the restoration process runs efficiently.

Tammy’s meticulous approach to her work is reflected in her technical prowess. She is certified as an Xactimate level 3 professional, a distinction held by a select few in the field. This certification signifies Tammy’s expertise in managing larger losses and showcases her proficiency in handling complex estimating processes.

In addition to her technical expertise, Tammy also has a deep sense of compassion. Her ability to read the room and understand the emotional dynamics of clients sets her apart. “I can figure out who needs the most care and how to address each individual personality,” which comes in handy as she works with both residential and commercial clients.

Tammy acknowledged that women sometimes face challenges in the restoration industry, but she is proof that success is possible. Women bring a different perspective, she asserts. Tammy’s advice for aspiring women in the industry is to find their niche. She also cites the advantages of having a supportive team. “My team builds me up and respects me. I feel fearless when I’m with my team. They make me great.”

Reflecting on her career, Tammy says, “I didn’t think I could get the ‘grown-up’ job after working in retail. But someone inspired me to consider this role. They opened up my eyes to what happens in the industry and encouraged me to apply for the job. It’s not a matter of women vs. men. It’s a matter of just getting into it. If you like or love something, dedicate yourself to it, and put all your effort into it, then you can succeed at anything.”


Jeanna Reeve

Regional Manager- Tucson, Arizona

Jeanna Reeve is a unicorn at ATI, possessing skills of both a Regional Manager and an Office Manager. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations at the Tucson office, her decisive yet empathetic approach has led to her success.

Jeanna’s journey in the construction and restoration industry began a decade ago. At the time, she was working for a school district and wanted to make some additional money during her off seasons, so she started performing cleaning and pack-out services. This hands-on experience gave her a baseline understanding of water damage restoration and the meticulous process of restoring personal belongings. Jeanna decided to make the leap to ATI full-time after seeing the impact the work has on people. She says, “I love helping people and seeing a smile on their face after their world has crashed in. Look at what we can do to help people. We are unsung heroes. We swoop in with invisible capes.”

In every role she’s held in her eight years at ATI, Jeanna has demonstrated a genuine passion for helping people, both her external clients and her team. To her, there’s little more important than being there for clients during their worst days, understanding their emotions, and providing support and reassurance throughout the restoration process.

As a manager, Jeanna enjoys watching her team members grow. She especially enjoys helping them reach the next level in their careers. Her mentorship has contributed to the success of many, and she finds fulfillment in giving back to her employees. Recently involved in acquisition training, she experiences a “proud mama moment” when seeing her team using the tools she provided. “That’s my
legacy,” she says. “Giving back to others. Paying it forward.”

Jeanna attributes her success to her exceptional people skills. Whether connecting with internal team members or empathizing with clients who have suffered a loss, Jeanna’s ability to understand and relate to people’s stories is her biggest strength. Her compassionate approach fosters a supportive and positive work environment, creating a space for individuals to share their experiences. She feels blessed to be a part of the company’s growth and to have had the opportunities she’s had so far—opportunities, she says, she wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

For women hoping to enter the construction industry, Jeanna’s advice is straightforward: don’t be afraid to jump in. She encourages women to set goals and work to achieve them aggressively. “Don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t do something. If you have a dream, pursue it. If you want success, you have to drive it.”


Shannon Thurgood

Director of EHS

Shannon Thurgood started her career in construction more than two decades ago. At first, she worked in the building materials department of a large home improvement retailer, where she started learning how to read blueprints and helping contractors solve problems. From there, she went into a project manager role for a construction company. Later, she wanted to work in a job with her husband, who worked in coal-fired power plants, but the only opening was for a mechanic. So, Shannon quickly learned how to use the tools of the trade. Small but mighty, Shannon was often sent to do work in confined spaces and began learning the safety requirements and eventually became a crew foreman. From there, she continued pursuing roles in safety, driven by “her desire to help people and ensure everyone returned home safely.” Shannon’s proactive approach to safety, rooted in empathy, is what sets her apart.

As ATI’s Director of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Shannon takes great pride in leading her department with autonomy. In just over a year, her team has quadrupled in size. She has fostered camaraderie in her team and established effective communication with various departments across the company. Her unique background in project management, including her prestigious PMP certification, allows her to support large losses and complex jobs. With an ability to see the big picture and her extensive background, Shannon can identify safety issues while understanding how they impact the entire restoration and reconstruction process.

With experiences ranging from traveling across the U.S. to creating comprehensive safety plans, Shannon embraces continuous learning. She encourages individuals not to be discouraged by what they don’t know, emphasizing the importance of asking questions and being persistent in the pursuit of knowledge. One thing she has learned is the importance of teaching people about safety. “If you have a safety ‘cop’ who slams the hammer down all the time and tells people they’re doing things wrong, that’s not as effective as teaching people why they should do things the right way. If you explain the safe way to do work, people will take what you said to heart and appreciate that you want to make their job easier.”

While the restoration industry can be intimidating, Shannon recommends that women pursue careers in the field. “Don’t be anxious. Just do it. Women get a lot more respect from men in the industry than you’d think. If you know what you’re doing, men will look up to you and ask you for advice.” Shannon asserts that while formal education can be important, there’s no substitute for starting at the bottom and working your way up. “There’s a lot of opportunity for women in this industry. You just have to be willing to go for it. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Keep at it until you get a ‘yes.’”


Edith Martinez

Operations Assistant- San Diego, California

Edith Martinez was born to work in the construction industry. Her father was a construction manager and builder in Mexico, and both her husband and her son work in construction today. “Construction runs in my veins,” she laughs.

But at first, she was on a very different career path: she was a hair and makeup stylist. So, when Edith joined ATI five years ago, she set her aspirations high. She started working at the front desk in one of the company’s busiest offices, but she wanted to become a Supervisor and Operations Assistant.

Given her background, Edith brings a unique combination of understanding, responsibility, and a proactive approach to her role. Having grown from an administrative position to working in field operations, she possesses valuable insights into both aspects of the construction process.

In her first year at ATI, Edith was named the Employee of the Quarter, and she’s been growing ever since, from certifications and training to being promoted into the position she holds now. “I’ve always wanted to go above and beyond in my job, and now I’m being recognized for my hard work.” Edith also takes great pride in her ability to train and guide administrative assistants across different offices, leveraging her attention to detail and sense of responsibility instilled in her from a young age.

For women aspiring to succeed in construction, Edith’s advice is straightforward: “Be willing to put in the work, and success will follow.” She comments, “ATI is a company that allows you to grow if you want to. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. As long as you set goals, you will succeed.” She also said it’s important to be relentlessly focused. “I knocked on doors, asked questions, and sought new opportunities. I was sitting at the front desk, but I wanted to learn more about all aspects of operations.”

That perseverance paid off. She adds, “ATI is the rare place that offers balance between home and career. Some women think that’s impossible and opt for a part-time position. But ATI allows us to be successful at home and at work.”


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