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Burst pipes, overflowing washing machines, septic systems, and toilets, flooded basements, leaking water heaters, and roof leaks tend to be the most common causes of water damage. Flooding can also be a result of derechos, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, storms, and blizzards. The impacts and costs of these events are made worse when homeowners have no scramble to find a disaster recovery company they can trust. ATI is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience helping families nationwide recover their homes after water damage.

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As a water damage recovery and restoration company, we move fast. For a homeowner, having a water damage restoration company on-call is crucial in swiftly addressing the damage to get their family back in their home and minimize costs.


ATI can moisture map your home to identify water hazards and repair any type of water damage, whether man-made or caused by natural disasters. By performing thorough water extraction, ATI helps to prevent mold growth and secondary water damage. We work with your insurance company to understand your policy and what is covered, eliminating any surprises. 

Services That Help You Rebuild

Everything they did was restored better than it was before the flood.

When a house was damaged by a flood, the owners contacted ATI for a full restoration.

Water Damage Restoration for a High Net Worth Residential Home

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