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Have you noticed a difference in your indoor air quality? Maybe your air conditioning isn’t cooling down your property as well as it used to. If your blower pushes out dust buildup and other contaminants into the air when the HVAC system is turned on, it could be time to hire an air duct cleaning service.

Without proper duct cleaning, occupants in affected properteis can breathe in harmful toxins like mold, mold spores, and other dangerous contaminants. These types of contaminants can make air quality harmful, with those affected experiencing coughs, runny noses, and asthma.

A regular commercial air duct cleaning with ATI Restoration will improve your air quality and make sure your HVAC system is working safely and efficiently, keeping your business or property comfortable.

What causes the buildup in the ductwork?

The buildup of contaminants can happen in any HVAC system and impact indoor air quality. property owners can experience a buildup of dust in their ductwork over time.

Causes for buildup in ductwork can include:

Any of these causes can impact your air quality and health, and should be remedied right away.

What are some benefits of hiring a professional to clean your ducts?

While you may think changing your air filters or cleaning out your duct system will fix your problem, it won’t. Doing it yourself may save you some money in the short term, but it can cost you more money and headaches down the road if not done properly.

When you hire an air duct cleaning service, you can be assured that they will do everything right the first time. Our practices are monitored by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), and our remediation efforts use the latest and most advanced solutions to ensure the job gets done right.

How is duct cleaning performed?

You can expect a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system and its attached ductwork when you contract with a NADCA-approved air duct cleaning service.

Once they’ve inspected the cooling system, the cleaning technicians will also review your heating system. This includes:

The cleaning technicians will also inspect dryer vents, return ducts, and other air vents. 

Once everything is inspected, they will share with you their findings and what duct cleaning services they will provide.

Because we use a specialized vacuum system in and around your system, your service provider will make sure to protect your living space with tarps on furniture and placed at doorways.

Your ductwork will be cleaned by a powerful vacuum and brushed with special brushes to protect your system and sheet metal. We clean your filters and blowers. And we use a disinfectant throughout the process. 

Finally, your HVAC system will be turned on to make sure all buildup in the ductwork has been cleaned and removed. A professional duct cleaning will leave you with healthy, clean air.

Air Duct Cleaning Done Right

Don’t take a chance with your family or employee’s health.
Contact our team today if you see particles floating through the air whenever your HVAC system cycles on or if you notice an odor coming from your system.

ATI Restoration will come to your property and inspect your ductwork. We will quickly assess your needs and share what needs to be done. As a result, your HVAC system and ductwork will be working efficiently, saving you money and maintaining your HVAC’s longevity.

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