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The duration of the commercial reconstruction process can vary significantly depending on a number of different factors. It is challenging to provide an exact timeline without a thorough evaluation of the property and any damages sustained.

Before rebuilding a commercial space, multifamily residence, school, or government facility, technicians at ATI Restoration will perform a thorough inspection to evaluate the nature and extent of the damage. We custom-tailor our commercial reconstruction services to each customer’s specific needs and goals.

ATI Restoration strives to expedite the commercial reconstruction process whenever possible. With our 24-Hour Emergency Response, we will take your call right away and dispatch a team to your property as soon as possible. Call now for immediate assistance.

What Is the Timeline for the Commercial Reconstruction Process?

Multiple steps are involved in rebuilding commercial properties following a disaster. The exact activities involved may vary, but the process typically consists of:

1. Comprehensive Assessment of Damages

Depending on the extent of the damages, it can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week to fully evaluate the damage to the property. Damages may be documented via written descriptions, DocuSketch, Matterport, photos, and video.

2. Preparing the Assessment Report

An additional 1–3 days may be required to compile all the assessment data, documentation, and other information. The completed report will serve as the basis for the commercial reconstruction process, as well as the budget requirements for the project.

3. Making Preparations for Reconstruction

It may take just 1 day or up to 1 week to clear and secure the site and ensure that safety measures are in place. Preparations may also involve arranging for temporary utilities such as electricity, lighting, etc.

4. Demolition & Debris Removal

Not all reconstruction projects require demolition. However, an additional 1–2 weeks may be needed to demolish damaged structures and clear away the debris in preparation for rebuilding.

5. Reconstruction

Of all the steps involved in the commercial reconstruction process, the time it takes to rebuild may be the most difficult to estimate without knowing the specifics of your situation. Small projects could be completed in as little as 1 week. More complex projects, meanwhile, could take 6 months or longer.

6. Finishing & Interior Work

Some commercial properties require more finishing touches than others. All told, interior work and finishing can take anywhere from 1–12 weeks.

7. Testing & Final Inspections

After reconstruction is complete, the contractor will test the installed systems and equipment. Inspectors will also be brought in to ensure compliance with regulations and quality standards. This process generally takes 1–2 weeks.

8. Post-Construction Cleanup & Handover

Finally, the contractor will clean up the property, prepare it for business operations and/or occupancy, and do a final walkthrough with the client. This may take as little as 1 day to as long as 1 week.

What Factors Affect the Time Needed for Commercial Reconstruction?

Restoration companies will take a host of different considerations into account when determining how long the process of commercial reconstruction might take. Key factors a contractor will assess in providing a time estimate for the project include:

Severity of Damage

The extent of the damage to the commercial property will play a significant role in determining how long the reconstruction process could take. Minor damage may be repaired relatively quickly, while extensive damage could require a more extended reconstruction period.

Reconstruction may be necessary in the event of any of the following:

Scope of Reconstruction

The complexity of the reconstruction project, including the type of repairs or renovations needed, the number of floors, and the size of the property, will affect the overall timeline.

Weather Conditions

The weather may not be a factor if renovations are primarily centered on the interior of the structure. However, if demolition and/or significant exterior work is required, weather conditions can be a significant factor in determining the duration. Adverse weather may cause delays and extend the overall timeline.

Complexity of Systems

Commercial properties often have complex systems, such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. Repairing or upgrading these systems can add time to the reconstruction process.

Unforeseen Issues

Issues such as hidden damage and structural problems may arise during reconstruction. These can lead to unforeseen project delays.

Need to Rebuild Your Business? Get the Commercial Reconstruction Process Underway

ATI Restoration has pioneered a practice known as Fast-Track Reconstruction. Our team is made up of experts in multiple aspects of disaster recovery. While other companies may rely on independent contractors to perform specialized jobs, we can streamline the process by safely and efficiently performing the work ourselves.

Furthermore, ATI Restoration has long-standing relationships with suppliers nationwide. This enables us to minimize delays when it comes to securing equipment and supplies and getting them to the job site promptly.

In addition to a timely response to emergencies large or small, you can count on ATI Restoration to provide industry-leading customer service. We are committed to helping you resume business operations as soon as possible.

Learn what sets us apart: ATI CARES

From swift inspection of the damage to comprehensive planning to qualified assistance with insurance claims and local permitting, our goal is to expedite the commercial reconstruction process without sacrificing quality workmanship or personalized attention to your needs.

ATI Restoration has 60+ locations throughout the country. Contact us today if your commercial business or facility needs to be rebuilt in the aftermath of a disaster.

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