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ATI Restoration combines the high standard of workmanship you’d expect from a national restoration company with the personal, customer-first mentality of a family-operated business. We understand the stress and pressures facing the owners of residential and commercial properties in the aftermath of a disaster. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response guarantees that the damage will be inspected promptly, the repairs fully identified, and the work to restore and rebuild commenced as soon as possible.

ATI Plano is a full-service restoration company. We respond to fire and smoke damage, water damage, mold contamination, and other emergencies 24/7/365.

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Damage Restoration Services in Plano

Every employee at ATI Restoration—from the technicians on site to the office staff—is committed to providing the highest caliber of customer service. Starting with the initial phone call, our team will treat you with respect, empathy, and professionalism. Our standard of service is also apparent in the work we perform. Every project is tailored to the unique needs and goals of the customer.


ATI Plano serves homeowners in Collin and Denton counties and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We also provide assistance to businesses and facility owners in multiple industries:

24/7 Emergency Response in Plano

Our customers have lives to live and businesses to run. They shouldn’t have to deal with hassles and lengthy delays in recovering from a disaster. If your property has been damaged by a natural or man-made catastrophe, ATI Restoration can provide timely assistance and the expertise needed to rebuild.

Depend on ATI Plano

Technicians at ATI Restoration are industry veterans with years or even decades of experience under their belts. We further invest in our employees, ensuring that they have the industry knowledge, equipment, and certifications to help our customers rebuild their homes and businesses.

Has your property sustained damage? Contact ATI Restoration without delay. We answer the phones 24/7 and dispatch crews 365 days a year.

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Remediation & Restoration Services in Plano

Water Damage Remediation

Water Damage Remediation

Any type of water damage should be addressed promptly by professionals. Delays can result in significant damage to the property, as well as pose a health risk to the occupants. ATI Restoration technicians have completed training in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER).

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HAZWOPER certification is essential for mitigating Category 3 or “black water” damage, which commonly arises as a result of sewage backups and flooding. Our technicians are also fully trained to mitigate losses from Category 2 (“gray water”)—which generally comes from dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances—as well as Category 1 (“clean water”), which is the least harmful to humans but can still damage homes and businesses.

Water Removal in Plano

ATI Restoration has developed safe and effective protocols for addressing all types of water damage. The first step is a complete inspection of the property. Our technicians use infrared imaging to detect water leaks and sophisticated moisture mapping technology to identify areas where water vapor may be hiding.

The next step consists of comprehensive water extraction. Our trucks and trailers are loaded with equipment for fully drying out the structure, including hoses, vacuums, air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers.

Prompt removal of water from your home or business is vital for minimizing the damage. A timely response is also key for minimizing mold growth and other secondary issues.

Water Damage Cleanup in Plano

From broken pipes to a leaky roof, water can cause a lot of damage to the interior of a home or business. ATI Restoration is a full-service water damage cleanup company. Our technicians can perform the following steps to sanitize and restore your property:

Water Damage Restoration in Plano

Our team will start the restoration process as soon as the structure is 100% dry and fully clean. The steps involved in water damage restoration depend on the nature and extent of the losses. ATI Plano will develop a custom-tailored plan for restoring your home or business.

From replacing drywall and flooring to repairing HVAC ductwork to recovering electronics, ATI Restoration has the expertise to fully restore residential and commercial properties. We prioritize swift and efficient work without sacrificing quality, safety, or customer satisfaction.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation and Restoration

Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation and Restoration

The goal of fire damage restoration is to return the property to its pre-loss condition, ensuring a safe and habitable environment for occupants. ATI Restoration goes the extra mile in making improvements. By striving for excellence in everything we do, our technicians are often able to make our customers’ properties better than ever before.

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ATI Plano has unparalleled experience and expertise providing fire and smoke damage remediation services for homeowners and businesses. We thoroughly inspect the property and develop a personalized plan for addressing the damage caused by fire, as well as smoke, soot, and water from efforts to put out the fire.

Helping You Rebuild After Fire & Smoke Damage

The challenges posed by recovering from a fire may seem insurmountable. ATI Restoration overcomes these obstacles so you can get back to business or return to your home as soon as possible. In addition to expert restoration solutions, we provide our customers peace of mind during such a difficult time.

Depending on the losses, our fire and smoke damage remediation protocol may involve the following:

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) sets standards for the training of restoration professionals. Our technicians are IICRC-certified.

When you call ATI Restoration, your property will be evaluated by professionals with advanced training and industry knowledge. Cleaning and repairs are performed by experts in multiple specialized fields, enabling us to offer a unique Fast-Track Reconstruction process that minimizes downtime and delays.

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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Plano has a humid climate. High humidity creates favorable conditions for mold to grow. In addition to being unsightly, mold can damage your property, cause unpleasant odors, and even lead to health issues for occupants—some of which may be serious.

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ATI Restoration provides comprehensive mold remediation solutions for residential and commercial properties. We partner with reputable industrial hygienists who will collect samples, test the air, and determine the species of mold. Comprehensive diagnostics inform our mold removal efforts.

Our IICRC-certified technicians provide a complete array of services for combating mold, including:

Visible patches of mold, musty smells, and a feeling of dampness in the air may all be indicative of significant mold contamination. ATI Plano answers calls and dispatches skilled technicians 24/7/365 to properties throughout Collin County, Denton County, and other communities in the DFW Metroplex.

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ATI Restoration has achieved nationwide recognition for rebuilding properties after they have sustained significant damage from natural and man-made catastrophes. Our Fast-Track Reconstruction protocol sets us apart from the majority of general contractors by removing the barriers that lead to time-consuming repairs and renovations.

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The extensive and multifaceted experience of our team is essential for our ability to streamline the reconstruction of homes and businesses. We also have an in-depth understanding of insurance claims and local permitting procedures, which saves additional time.

ATI Restoration handles all aspects of reconstruction, including:

For more than 30 years, ATI Restoration has been recognized as a leader in the field of disaster recovery. We have rebuilt homes and businesses damaged by hurricanes and tropical storms, five-alarm fires stemming from faulty wiring and kitchen accidents, and many other situations.

Customers turn to us when they need help rebuilding their properties, their lives, and their businesses in the aftermath of disasters. By striving for excellence in all we do, the team at ATI Restoration is often able to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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