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Anaheim, CA – June 12, 2024ATI Restoration, LLC, one of the largest disaster recovery and remediation service providers in the U.S., announced the promotion of Vince Patane to Vice President of Insurance and TPA Services, a newly created role for the company that signals growth and a balanced mix across residential and commercial market segments. With a robust background in sales and operations, and a strong track record in building managed repair programs, Vince is poised to lead ATI’s strategic initiatives in the insurance and TPA sectors.

Vince brings extensive experience to his new role, having previously served as an Operations Executive for a leading managed contractor network. He began his tenure at ATI supporting various insurance programs and quickly ascending the ranks due to his dedication and expertise. Most recently, Vince made significant contributions as the Regional Vice President of the East, where he focused on integrating the company’s acquisitions into the ATI family and building strong teams driving both top and bottom-line growth.

The creation of this new role reflects ATI’s strategic shift towards balancing its commercial and residential portfolios. In recent years since ATI began acquiring restoration companies, the commercial segment has been growing steadily, while the residential business has seen exponential growth resulting in a more even spread and revealing an opportunity to focus on specializing skill sets in both sectors. Vince’s appointment is a strategic move to build the right infrastructure to support this growth, particularly in the residential market with insurance carriers, agents, brokers, and residential investor communities.
In his new role, Vince will focus on the sales and operational components of insurance, agent, broker, TPA, and general Business-to-Business (B2B) and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) strategies. Vince’s laser focus on ATI’s customer base will be instrumental in supporting the company’s long-term growth strategy.

“Vince’s new role will reinforce our balanced portfolio serving both residential and commercial verticals, acknowledging the specific needs of each customer segment and the nuances in supporting all the various players that are involved in restoration,” said David Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer, ATI Restoration. “This new role demonstrates our commitment to serving all our customers with prompt responses, utmost care, and empathy across all 70 locations.”

About ATI Restoration, LLC

ATI Restoration improves the lives of its customers by helping them recover from property damage. The company, which started out as a family-owned business in 1989, has grown to become one of the largest disaster recovery services providers in the U.S., with more than 70 locations from coast to coast. The company uses cutting-edge technology to serve both residential and commercial customers, primarily in the wake of water, fire, or other environmental damage, and differentiates itself through its end-to-end restoration offerings that span everything from initial disaster mitigation to final reconstruction.

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