Mission, Values and Vision

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We have established a set of values at ATI that guide our every move as we perform services for our customers. These values have served as the cornerstone of our operation since the company’s inception and will continue to be the driving force behind any action we take in the future.


Because ATI cares about our customers, our vendors and employees, we will:

  • always deliver more than expected
    create and ensure safe working conditions
  • recruit, educate and retain the industry’s best talent
  • use the most innovative advanced techniques and equipment
  • establish long term relationships
  • give back to the communities in which we live and work
  • respect the human story behind every loss and every job


To grow as the nation’s largest family owned restoration contractor with a focus on employee development in order to improve our customer’s lives.

ATI Cares

1. Communication is key.
24/7. We are proactive with clients and employees. We treat everyone as if they are our
only client. We respond promptly and always communicate so they never have to ask for an

2. Amazing opportunities.
Our continuous expansion offers endless growth opportunities both internally and
externally. Our goal is to provide our employees flexibility for a work life balance.

3. Embrace the family spirit.
Take care of each other and work toward a better purpose. Our entrepreneurial mindset
allows us to treat everyone as family, no matter what. We are happy for your success and
we encourage healthy competition.

4. Generous to others.
We give our time, effort and resources with open hearts and minds to instill the social
responsibility in all of us.

5. Always do the right thing.
In order to gain trust and build relationships, we operate with integrity and mutual respect.

6. Enjoy the journey.
Our goal is to create fun as a team for our clients, our families and for each other with
endless possibilities
7. Strive for excellence in everything we do.
Excellence is our brand. We passionately pursue and deliver unprecedented service in all

Growth Statement

Looking to the future, our goal is to become the largest national restoration and remediation services provider in the U.S. We will accomplish this by adhering to the following ideals:

  • Live our company values
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Create and ensure safe working environments
  • Cultivate, educate and retain the industry’s best in-house staff
  • Use the most technologically advanced techniques and equipment
  • Build long-term relationships with customers, vendors and industry peers
  • Serve as good stewards of the earth by employing environmentally safe and sound procedures
  • Give back to the communities in which we live and work by participating in local volunteer and civic programs
  • Honor and respect the human story behind every loss and every job