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ATI Restoration

San Jose, CA 848 E. Gish Road, Unit 2 San Jose, CA 95112

Manager: Francisco Vega


Water Damage | Mold Remediation | Asbestos Removal | Fire & Smoke Damage

San Jose’s #1 Emergency Response Team Works with Your Insurance

ATI’s San Jose’s office provides 24/7 emergency response restoration, environmental remediation and reconstruction services in both residential and commercial settings.

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ATI works with all the major insurance carriers to get you back on track - better than ever - as quickly as possible.

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While ATI's expert emergency response, restoration and reconstruction services are nationwide, the focus of each regional office is local. Whether it's water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold removal or asbestos removal, every disaster - big or small, commercial or residential - receives our personal, professional attention. Our San Jose customers know this. That is why Northern California property owners and business entities continue to recognize ATI as their “One Stop Shop” for comprehensive, turnkey emergency response services, available 24/7.


ATI’s San Jose team was called in after a fire broke out in a renovated section of the McHenry Library on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus, causing severe fire and smoke damage in the interior of an attached new five-story wing of the library that includes over a mile of HVAC ductwork. ATI performed a number of services, including cleaning every inch of the 165,000 square-foot facility, restoring over one mile of damaged ductwork, and supplying 200 air filtration devices to remove particulates from the air throughout the impacted space. Thanks to ATI’s in-house expertise and ready access to a large pool of qualified personnel, the entire area, including the damaged HVAC system, was cleaned and restored back to pre-loss condition, which saved the university millions of dollars in replacement costs.