The Coronavirus Pandemic has forever changed the way businesses operate, affecting everything from routine janitorial tasks to full-on biohazard decontamination protocol. Before businesses reopen following the expiration of shelter-in-place orders, building operators have the responsibility of taking precautionary measures and responding effectively to potential and future COVID-19 contamination within their buildings. As such, it is our duty to help businesses reopen safely and in compliance with local, national, and international regulations. ATI Restoration’s expert response team will help you do exactly that.

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Advanced COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

Our Virus Response Team (VRT) has extensive experience in decontaminating facilities exposed to everything from norovirus and MRSA to Ebola and viral contagion like the coronavirus. ATI’s experts in coronavirus decontamination services are ready to be deployed to your business immediately, helping you protect your employees, your customers, and the longevity of your business. ATI Restoration is prepared to disinfect your business according to CDC protocols, far beyond the scope of routine daily janitorial cleaning. The CDC urges disinfecting surfaces and spaces using proven hospital-grade disinfectants. ATI goes above and beyond typical disinfectant products, using a unique full-service, high-tech approach to biohazard decontamination.

Our Go Back Safely℠ Program was designed to assist managers of facilities and businesses return to operations in a post-lockdown environment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are confident that ATI’s experience with biohazard decontamination and post-disaster recovery services will help you thrive as we all attempt to return to some degree of normalcy. We are here to help you both before and after you reopen your facility. Our program includes:

Go Back SafelySM Evaluation

Our process includes a comprehensive evaluation and scoring of your building’s health. Based on our findings, ATI will provide guidance for increasing your score and make recommendations regarding periodic COVID-19 virus disinfection services.

Building Health Issues

Building health issues identified during our Go Back Safely℠ evaluation can be handled by ATI. We offer a complete range of environmental services, including biohazard decontamination, microbial (mold) remediation, asbestos and lead abatement, HVAC and ductwork cleaning, and COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection.

Periodic COVID-19 Virus Disinfection

Based on the occupancy and use of your facility, and at the suggestion of both the CDC and OSHA, ATI will recommend a precautionary disinfection schedule related to the COVID-19 virus.

Professional Disinfection vs. Janitorial Cleaning

Learn how professional disinfection and deep cleaning is more effective than basic janitorial cleaning for infection control.


Teams and Training

ATI’s team members are not only trained and tested for respiratory protection device usage, but they are also medically cleared for it. Our technicians are highly skilled in the proper handling of chemicals, effective application of cleaning agents, and proper donning and doffing of personal protection equipment (PPE), in addition to proper waste disposal techniques

Our crews undergo 14-day health monitoring programs after project completion to ensure the safety of every community we serve. We also coordinate with local health officials to ensure that accurate information guides our response operations.

Trust ATI Restoration for superior Covid-19 Coronavirus clean-up so you can reopen your business safely as soon as possible. With offices across the United States, we are ready to serve you right when you need us.

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State-of-the-Art Solutions

ATI Restoration’s Virus Response Team uses advanced methods and equipment to not only bring businesses back to pre-coronavirus operating standards, but also bring them back better and safer than ever. We use advanced cleaning, neutralizing, and disinfecting techniques that include:

  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide
  • Thermal imaging
  • Ultraviolet light
  • EPA-registered disinfecting agents
  • Ultraviolet light disinfection

We know how vital it is for you to reopen your business – but we also know it’s critical that you do so safely, properly, and responsibly. We use cleaners known to be highly effective against the coronavirus that do not leave corrosive residues; they are also fragrance- and dye-free.

ATI’s Virus Response Team

ATI’s Virus Response Team (VRT) has extensive experience decontaminating facilities and contents exposed to Ebola, norovirus, MRSA and other viral contagions like COVID-19. The team is ready to be deployed to your site immediately to mount the most appropriate response for precautionary, potential exposure, or confirmed contamination of coronavirus, SARS, COV-2, or other contagions that threaten the health and safety of your home or business.

COVID-19 Disinfection Services

Properly cleaning and disinfecting your home or business requires action far above and beyond routine janitorial tasks. The Centers for Disease Control urges the use of hospital-grade disinfectants on all porous surfaces. In addition to using these approved disinfectants, ATI offers response services that utilize advanced technologies and the latest high-tech methods and equipment for a safe and healthy deep clean.

Our Virus Response Team has the level of experience necessary to thoroughly decontaminate your home or business as shelter-in-place orders are lifted and economies prepare to reopen. We are trained to extensively clean and disinfect your building according to CDC protocols and help you get your life back to normal.

ATI offers three levels of protection depending on your decontamination needs. CALL 1-800-400-9353 today to speak with an ATI Virus Response Team Specialist.

Three Levels of COVID-19 Disinfection Service

Our experts offer coronavirus cleaning services across three tiers, depending on your need for protection. Whether you need preventative COVID-19 cleaning service, a cleaning service for coronavirus for possible contamination, or you have proven contamination from COVID-19 and need extensive coronavirus deep cleaning services, ATI Restoration’s team is ready.

  • Level One: Precautionary Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Service

For owners of homes and businesses with no known coronavirus contamination, Level One is designed to help you maintain a sanitary, safe environment. Our team will perform deep clean services one or two times per day; proper waste disposal is also included. Level One services can be performed off-hours to keep business interruption at bay.

  • Level Two: Possible Coronavirus Exposure

Spaces with possible exposure to coronavirus contamination that has not been confirmed should be disinfected using our Level Two service tier. Homes and buildings require our coronavirus deep cleaning service by our Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)-certified technicians.

  • Level Three: Confirmed Coronavirus Exposure

Level Three COVID-19 decontamination service is for homes and businesses with confirmed exposure to the coronavirus. Exposure may have been from an employee, a visitor, a customer, a family member, or anyone else who had at some point entered the premises. ATI’s level Three cleaning service for coronavirus follows customized protocols unique to each location – we work with you to develop a decontamination plan for residential and occupational safety to protect you, your family, or your employees and business.

Regardless of the level of disinfection services you need, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all treatment levels we offer employ the following methods and technologies as appropriate:

  • Electrostatic sprayers vs. conventional airless sprayer
  • Fogging application
  • UltraViolet (UV) Light
  • EPA-approved and registered chlorine or peroxide-based cleaners
  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) mist fogger
  • Training of field staff on the proper donning and doffing of personal protection equipment (PPE), including respiratory protection
  • Proper disposal of regulated bio-hazardous medical waste, including PPE
  • Health monitoring protocols and safe work practices

ATI’s Commitment to COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting

During these uncertain times, we know how important it is for our customers to get back to life and work as quickly – and as safely – as possible. Therefore, we are available 24/7 for emergency response services. It is our mission to use the very best technology, machinery, and EPA-approved products that are effective against the coronavirus for your safety.

Our experts in coronavirus response services are highly trained in proper handling of chemicals, proper usage and disposal of personal protection equipment, and effective use of cleaning and disinfecting agents. All crew members take part in 14-day health monitoring programs after each project is finished to ensure everyone’s safety in the community.

ATI is the leader in coronavirus and COVID-19 decontamination services, working with area health officials so that local, accurate information guides our cleaning and disinfecting plans of action. Contact us today at 1-833-400-0056 or email us now for your peace of mind, knowing your home or business will be cleaned and safe for everyone who relies on you.