ATI was instrumental in helping the 20-story hotel in Houston, Texas recover after Hurricane Ike. Winds ripped the roof off the hotel’s elevator pits, causing flooding and damage to the elevators, pits, waiting areas, hallways and guest rooms on every floor. Window gaskets blew off, and 70 percent of the 350 guest rooms sustained water damage.

ATI dried out the complex elevator system using desiccant technology, reducing the need for drywall removal and saving the hotel months of business disruption. ATI installed air-filtration devices to promote air circulation and prevent microbial growth; worked with Otis elevator technicians to clean doors, drywall and tracking; and deployed special drying equipment to remove moisture. ATI also performed mold remediation.

Because it routinely tracks severe weather systems, ATI’s catastrophe response team was positioned before the hurricane’s landfall and responded immediately. ATI employed state-of-the-art thermography equipment and moisture meters to survey the hotel. ATI monitored the initial moisture content, the progress of drying and the final moisture content throughout the project.

With its extensive equipment resources, recovery crew and technical expertise, ATI completed the project under budget and the hotel reopened ahead of schedule.