ATI Safety Performance Record (EMR)

Achieves record low!

American Technologies, Inc. is proud to make the following announcement regarding our 2017 Safety Performance Record:

The Workers Compensation Insurance Review Board (WCIRB) has just released that ATI’s 2017 Employer Modification Rate (EMR) for California is factored at “.45”.

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has our EMR for the United States (except Washington) factored at “.73”.

These low scores are almost unheard of in our industry. It represents a performance measure over the course of three completed years that proves that our hard work to be safe and take care of those who are hurt has been rewarded.

EMR scores routinely play a significant role in many customer’s selection of contractors and this is a clear achievement that places ATI as a top performer in safety.

Jeff Huddleston, ATI Senior Vice President, said, “This is huge news for ATI! We want to thank Sean Pridy (ATI Corporate Health and Safety Manager), Mike Adawiya (ATI Human Resources Manager), and Jill Reilly (Administrative Services Manager) for their efforts. This accomplishment would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication to keeping ATI workers safe each and every day.”

For more information about ATI’s Safety Program, please contact Sean Pridy, ATI Corporate Health and Safety Manager, at or 800-400-9353 x 1143.