ATI Announces New Consulting Division

ATI has always consulted on projects. Clients have asked us to review invoices, prepare scopes of work, and give recommendations on best practices, but we have never promoted this service…until now.

ATI is proud to announce that we have put a team of experts in place to help you with all of your consulting needs. Rudi Suminski has been hired to lead our new Consulting Services Division.

ATI Consulting Services will:
Fully examine your project and prepare a written scope of work
Inform you of any gross differences in scope, pricing or methodology
Negotiate scope with contractors
Ensure you are not being overcharged
Perform site inspections as needed
Provide oversight to keep work on track and lower costs
Audit multiple bids and clarify differences
Recommend the most practical advice and solutions
Offer variable rates depending on level of services you need
And perhaps most importantly, if we say a job can be done for a certain dollar value, ATI will stand behind the estimate and have our team complete the work.

Rudi Suminski said, “My goal is to provide our clients with fair, practical and valuable information in a professional manner utilizing my and ATI’s wealth of experience and knowledge to help ensure our customers a swift and equitable outcome on every claim.”

Please contact ATI’s Director of Consulting Services, Rudi Suminski, at 800-400-9353 or for more details.