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9 Hidden Costs of Multifamily Damage and Disaster Restoration

Understanding the common missteps that can send your emergency plan into disrepair.

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Written for multifamily property managers and support professionals, this guide will help you audit your restoration processes by identifying nine commonly hidden costs that can lead to larger, not-so-hidden consequences.


Once the loss has been identified and safety is established, it’s go-time

It happened. What’s next?

A water heater leaked while a resident was on vacation. An unattended candle
led to a unit fire. A resident expressed concern about mold growth in their child’s bedroom. While there are multitudes of natural and man-made disasters that affect the rental housing sector, the importance of a timely and proactive response will always stay the same. Once the loss has been identified and safety is established, it’s go-time.

Whether you manage affordable student housing, senior living or a resort-style community, all eyes are on you – along with your network of vendor allies – to get things back to status quo as quickly as possible. In order to provide your residents, community, or media, with answers, security, and peace of mind, it is important to have a thorough emergency response plan as a roadmap to execute action items without delay. Outlined are nine things to consider when establishing your contingency plan.

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