Electronics Recovery

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

Our electronics restoration division provides total solutions for electronic equipment or systems damaged by water, fire or smoke. With more than 20 years of experience in electronics restoration, ATI has developed clear policies and procedures for decontaminating a wide variety of equipment without harming the internal circuitry. Since establishing this service, our professionals have maintained an impressive 95 percent restoration rate for electronics recovery.


Quick Response

When it comes to successfully restoring damaged electronic equipment, a quick response is critical. For this reason, it is important to bring in electronics restoration professionals immediately after a disaster to evaluate the damage and chart a recovery course that is based on proven procedures.


Thorough Evaluation

The recovery process begins with a thorough evaluation of the damaged items. Our professionals determine whether the item is a total loss, smoke-damaged, water-damaged or unaffected. We also determine the value of each item earmarked for restoration to ensure that the recovery process does not exceed the value of the item. Our goal is to provide superior restoration services that are in line with the standards and expectations of the insurance company and the insured.


When is Electronics Restoration Needed?

Electronics restoration is required when corrosion occurs following water, fire and smoke damage. Electronic items damaged by water or fire typically begin to corrode immediately. In the case of water damage, corrosion is the result of the wet items coming into contact with oxygen. In the case of fire or smoke damage, corrosion is caused by acidic or corrosive residue.