Your Healthcare Partner


For years, ATI has worked in health care institutions, skilled care facilities, research laboratories and residential care facilities.

We are proud to introduce our focused expertise to the Health Care industry.  ATI working with our partners Micro Decon LLC, Bioquell and UVDI are able to provide a broad array of services utililizing state-of-the-art disinfection alternatives associated with sanitation and sterilization in High Hazard Environments.

Experience the ATI/Micro Decon Advantage with our expert approach to handling your emergency response and ongoing routine services that best meet your unique needs.  The first step is to meet your Facility Manager(s), Infection Control Administrator, Engineering Manager(s) and/or Risk Manager to best tailor a cost effective solution in which we can minimize your operating cost and help provide the safe environment for your patients and staff.  The services are adaptive and responsive to your needs.

Our services include the following:

  • Microbiologic decontamination using advanced methods such as:
    • Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (HPV)
    • Advanced and prescribed chemicals and cleaning methods
    • Ultra Violet Light technology
  • Water/Fire Emergency Response
  • Asbestos, Lead and Microbial remediation
  • Nuisance/Construction Dust Control
  • Negative pressure containments with manometers and particle counters
  • Construction of temporary soft or hard partition walls
  • Odor Control
  • Moisture Control
  • Installation of temporary HVAC systems
  • Indoor air quality monitoring for microbiological physical and chemical materials
  • HVAC decontamination systems (temporary or permanent installations)
  • Legionella controls
  • Installation of HVAC coil cleaning technology (to save energy cost and as part of infection control efforts)
  • Microbiological driven cleaning staff training and augmentations in time of need

We can mobilize to your emergency needs, 24 hours a day, arranging from a small scale project to having hundreds of ATI employees dispatched on a catastrophic event.

We have the technical expertise with a PhD microbiologist, chemist, engineers on the staff and the experience of remediation specialists who can tailor our services to meet your needs.  We are always available 24/7.

Please give us a call to set up an appointment before the critical "need" time to look at our capabilities and design a service agreement that best fits your ongoing and emergency needs.