HVAC Cleaning

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems play an important role in maintaining a comfortable environment and good indoor air quality. When they are compromised as the result of fire or water damage, HVAC systems can cause significant damage. If a fire occurs in a building in which an HVAC system is on, smoke and other contaminants from the fire can actually be spread via the HVAC system – beyond the affected area into the rest of building. HVAC systems must be cleaned immediately after a fire or smoke emergency occurs.




Our Capabilities

Our crews are expertly trained to clean contaminants commonly found in HVAC systems including dust particles, active bacterial or fungal growth, debris from rusted components, man-made vitreous fibers, and mold spores. We are prepared to address all major parts of the HVAC systems including:

  • Air handling units and components 
  • Heating coils 
  • Supply air ducts 
  • Terminal diffusers 
  • Filter replacements




We employ industry standard methods to clean HVAC systems including:

  • Hand wet wiping 
  • HEPA vacuums 
  • Power-driven mechanicals 
  • Pneumatic brush systems for ducting runs 
  • Chemical wet cleaning for evaporators or chill water coils 
  • Dry cleaning for electric heating or re-heat coils