Furniture Restoration

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

Furniture damage varies in severity – from soot and grime on one item in a home to an entire office full of pieces needing reupholstering, repair and refinishing. ATI handles furniture restoration jobs both small and large, always with the goal returning each piece to a pre-loss or like-new condition.


Depending on the degree of work needed, we determine the best method for handling each piece of furniture – without incurring further damage. Our team tackles a wide variety of furniture repairs, and we do not hesitate to call upon specialty restorers to assist with unique cases.

Our furniture restoration services include:

  • Repair of broken or damaged portions, rebuilding of tops and legs, replacement of drawer sides
  • Cleaning of cloth, vinyl  and leather furniture, reupholstering and recovering as needed
  • Expert stain-matching and refinishing of hard furniture to repair cracks, scratches and dents
  • Application of a variety of finishes ranging from flat and semi-gloss to pigmented lacquer and custom mirrored high-gloss