Contents Cleaning

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

Fire, smoke and flooding can seriously harm a structure’s contents – furniture, artwork and electronics – often requiring professional grade cleaning and decontamination. ATI provides detailed hand-cleaning, deodorization, drying, sanitizing, soot removal, dry/wet cleaning, and refinishing services. Our professionals are specially trained to handle your possessions with sensitivity, care and attention:

  • Small contents
  • Upholstered furniture 
  • Hard case furniture 
  • Clothing and linens
  • Electronics 
  • Artwork


Small Contents


We use a computerized pack-out inventory (POI) system when moving small contents to our facility for detailed cleaning. Our crew will:

  • Carefully pack of small contents and furnishings in boxes according to type of item, with fragile items wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap
  • Seal, label and provide a detailed inventory listing of all boxes
  • Transport boxes to our facility for hand cleaning, deodorization and polishing
  • Document items that are permanently discolored or otherwise cannot be returned to a pre-loss condition


Furniture, Clothing and Linens

Paying special attention to fabrics and materials, our crew provides customized cleaning and deodorization of: soft, upholstered furniture; hard case furniture; clothing; and flatwork such as sheets, towels and blankets.

  • Vacuum, wet/dry clean, and deodorize sofas, chairs, mattresses and pillows
  • Hand clean tables, dressers, chests and bookcases with mild degreaser, deodorizer and/or polish (including scratch touch-ups)
  • Inspect furniture for permanent discoloration or blistering, and reupholstering/refinishing if desired
  • Wet/dry clean and ozone-deodorize clothing and flatwork

Electronics and Artwork


Because of their high replacement value, we recommend the cleaning and restoration of damaged electronics and art pieces in most cases. Our trained specialists work hard to minimize replacement costs after a disaster takes place – particularly when it comes to expensive electronics or artwork that has sentimental meaning.

  • Hand clean televisions, receivers and microwaves with a degreaser and deodorizer
  • Clean interiors of electronics to remove soot and particulates (including reassembly and systems checks)
  • Hand clean and deodorize paintings, lithographs, posters or wall-mounted hangings
  • Inspect discoloration and damage to artwork, and recommend restoration procedures

Rush and Personal Items

When you are temporarily displaced during restoration, we provide quick turnaround on items you need immediately. We can often return clothing, towels, computers, personal papers and selected furniture in as few as four working days. We also furnish boxes and packing material for items you want to personally handle – such as jewelry, medicine and personal effects.


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