Artwork Restoration

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

Because artwork can possess such value to the owner – both sentimental and financial – any damage that occurs from fire, floor, mold or other environmental hazard can be particularly devastating. ATI’s technicians are rigorously trained in the field of artwork restoration and are committed to bringing your valuable pieces back to their pre-damage condition. We provide full-service artwork restoration for:


  • Framed pictures 
  • Fine art 
  • Pastels 
  • Charcoals 
  • Water colors 
  • Canvass paintings with oil pigments 
  • Acrylics 
  • Sculptures 
  • Statues 


When Damage Occurs

When artwork is damaged, we recommend you immediately take steps to help mitigate the loss and prevent further deterioration.

  • Remove the damaged art from the loss location as quickly as possible. 
  • Leave the art in its current condition; do not remove frames, glass, etc. 
  • Lay the damaged art flat; never stack items on top of each other; this may cause secondary damage. 
  • Do not lean water-damaged art upright; always lay flat. 
  • Never wipe the surface of damaged art; this may cause secondary damage. 
  • Always keep small pieces that may have broken or chipped off of the damaged item. 
  • Do not attempt to dry out water-damaged art; call a reputable restoration service. 
  • Never assume damaged art is a total loss before seeking advice and assistance from a reputable restoration service.


For more information about artwork restoration: