Vehicle Damage

Your Disaster Recovery Solution


Unfortunately, the increase in number of vehicles on the road today coupled with the tendency of drivers to multi-task while driving – whether eating, smoking, texting or talking on the phone – has made building damage from vehicle crashes much more prevalent. Most cases are minor, but severe accidents can compromise the structural integrity of a building and require emergency reconstruction work, including board-up of the building until officials can conduct a thorough inspection.


ATI’s staff of highly trained project managers, superintendents and skilled construction technicians can assist you through the entire reconstruction process – from coordination of initial emergency services, permit pulling, and meeting with building inspectors through full-service management of the construction project from start to finish. Our team can repair and fully reconstruct masonry and brick, landscaping, fencing, commercial storefronts, doors and windows.


Case Study: Yucaipa, CA Home

While evading the police, a drunk driver ran his Chevy truck through a "T" intersection, breaking through the front yard fence, bushes, trees and power lines before slamming into the corner of a 1920s historic home. We responded quickly, boarding up the home and initiating the repair process. Our team:

  • Conducted a thorough on-site inspection, which revealed clearly that the home’s structure was very unstable
  • Shored up exterior walls to prevent a collapse
  • Stabilized the interior of the house to hold up the roof – then performed block repairs and added steel reinforcement to meet building code requirements
  • Maintained cinder block walls on the interior of the house during reconstruction, and added wood framing on the exterior walls
  • Discovered that the vehicle crash had also affected the home’s plumbing, and performed those repairs as well
  • Successfully completed restoration to the complete satisfaction of the homeowner