Dry Ice Blasting

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

While dry ice blasting is relatively new to the general restoration and environmental remediation industry, ATI has employed this process for a number of years because of its high success rate and cost-savings benefits in certain applications. Dry ice blasting can be beneficial in a number of situations including:

  • Removal of fire damage from framing members
  • Elimination of mold from hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Removal of efflorescence from masonry and other building materials
  • Restoration of old brick pavers
  • Removal of smoke or fire damage from large surfaces such as stadium bleachers


How it works


Dry ice blasting involves using a pressurized air stream to directly impact materials that need to be cleaned. Unlike abrasive cleaning methods that may damage certain surfaces, dry ice blasting creates mini-explosions on the surface of the material to lift dirt and other unwanted residue off the substrate.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

  • Non-abrasive and non-flammable cleaning method
  • Environmentally friendly because it leaves no secondary contaminants and requires no additional clean-up
  • May be used during general cleaning activities
  • May be used for a wide variety of projects ranging from heavy industrial jobs (such as oil/grease removal at auto shops) to removal of minor smoke damage on delicate objects
  • Removes oils, paints, contaminants and residues
  • Removes efflorescence
  • Does not damage sensitive electrical or mechanical items
  • Portability enables cleaning of large items on-site without disassembly
  • Offers an effective way to access hard-to-reach areas
  • Eliminates secondary damages that may occur after cleaning
  • Minimizes cleaning time and labor hours resulting in a more cost-effective end result


Case Study - University of Phoenix Stadium

The University of Phoenix in Glendale, Ariz. suffered minor fire damage during the construction of a new stadium. After the fire was extinguished, fire damage and staining were visible along the exterior panels of the stadium. With less than one month before the official opening, replacement of the damaged panels was not an option. We were called to the scene to find a suitable solution. Using 100-foot booms, our professionals used dry ice blasting to successfully remove all visible fire damage from the panels along the perimeter of the stadium. The process saved the building contractor and stadium owner thousands of dollars in panel replacement costs.