Cabinet Shops

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

Reconstruction is a critical component of any successful recovery effort, and one of the biggest challenges restoration providers routinely face is how to ensure completion of highly skilled labor in a timely manner and within budget. At ATI we find that combining ALL reconstruction services under a single umbrella leads to a more successful outcome.




As part of our comprehensive services, we offer skilled cabinet and millwork repair. We operate in-house cabinet shops in several of our regional offices, complete with experienced craftsmen hired specifically to oversee all cabinetry and millwork jobs. We have also increased our staff of in-house carpenters to assist with cabinet installation and complete on-site finish work.


Project Portfolio

We provide cabinetry and millwork services for private residences, businesses, commercial and industrial settings. Our repair and replacement projects include:

  • Kitchen and bath cabinetry 
  • Counters and countertops 
  • Custom furniture 
  • Entertainment centers 
  • Built-ins 
  • Crown molding 
  • Trim 
  • Baseboards


Cabinetry The different wood species used in cabinet-making possess unique characteristics that give them their natural beauty – and that can change over time with exposure to light and other environmental factors. Our skilled craftsmen are aware of these natural traits and can customize cabinet reconstruction to suit each variety of wood. 




Birch is a medium-dense hardwood with a
distinct grain pattern that may appear straight,
wavy or curly. Its predominant sapwood color
ranges from white to creamy yellow. Birch
heartwood color varies medium brown to
reddish-brown to dark brown.




Cherry is typically characterized as an elegant hardwood. In its raw state, cherry wood exhibits a pink-brown hue with occasional shades of white, green, pink or gray. This wood naturally darkens or mellows with age.


Hickory is a strong, open-grained wood.
It is recognized for its flowing grain pattern
and color variation that can range from light
brown to deep brown. Hickory wood often exhibits random specks, burls and mineral streaks.




Maple is a hard, close-grained wood. The grain is usually straight, although in some cases, it appears wavy or curly. Maple color is predominantly off-white, although it may also contain some light yellow-brown or pink hues. This wood may also contain some small mineral, light tan or red-tinged streaks that may darken with stain.

Red Oak

Red oak exhibits a prominent open grain. It
ranges in color from white to yellow to reddish-brown. Red oak may also be streaked with green, yellow or black mineral deposits.