Colorado catastrophe response

ATI CAT Teams in Colorado and Florida

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

American Technologies, Inc. has dispatched our Catastrophe Response Teams to both Colorado and Florida.

We have been in Florida all week handling several projects due to Hurricane Debby.  We are prepared to handle any size commercial loss in the area.  

In Colorado we have been contacted by several clients and asked to be prepared to assist in Colorado Springs due to the massive wild fires.  

We have sent our CAT Trailer which is filled with equipment and supplies ahead and Mark Lebeck, National Project Manager from ATI Chicago, will arrive on Friday, June 29th to consult.  His contact information is:

Mark D. Lebeck

American Technologies, Inc.
National Project Manager
630-548-8150 office
630-809-1345 cell

ATI is ready to assist with all commercial claims in Florida and Colorado.  If we can help you, please contact ATI at 800-400-9353.



Project Profile

Two days of major rainstorms caused flooding and mudslides, severely impacting this manufacturer of building materials. The interiors of four buildings and over three acres of outdoor space ...