Catastrophe Response

ATI CAT Team in Boulder, Colorado

Your Disaster Recovery Solution

September 17, 2013 ~ The ATI Catastrophe Response Team has been dispatched to Boulder, Colorado.   As you are all aware, Colorado has been inundated with rain which has caused massive flooding in the city of Boulder and the surrounding areas.  It was reported in the news that more than 18,000 residential homes have been affected and more than 1,500 buildings have been destroyed.  These numbers are expected to rise as the flooding continues.  The good news is that we have a CAT crew on the ground in Colorado and we are prepared to do everything we can to help those affected by this tragedy.  

Emergency Services
Water Damage
Electronics Restoration
Building Consulting 
Jeffery Jackson | National Project Manager
Cell Phone 909-322-3229
Luan Nguyen | Large Loss Superintendent 
Cell Phone 714-412-3496
Project Profile

Two days of major rainstorms caused flooding and mudslides, severely impacting this manufacturer of building materials. The interiors of four buildings and over three acres of outdoor space ...