Your Disaster Recovery Solution

American Technologies, Inc. understands the special challenges that commercial industries face after a disaster or catastrophic event. Our professionals are equipped to work with you and your insurance representative to mitigate damages, minimize business interruption and reduce customer or staff losses. We are also prepared to assist in facility construction or renovation following a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, hurricane or terrorist attack. Our services include:


Fire and Water Damage


We offer comprehensive services designed to manage the entire loss process:

• Initial emergency response including securing the property, equipment/machinery removal, water extraction, smoke residue clean-up, and removal/relocation of vital records, client data and other important documents.
• Complete restoration of contents and structures.





Document Recovery


We use cutting edge technologies such as vacuum freeze-drying chambers to restore vital records, books, x-rays and other important documents.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment often suffers significant corrosion due to water, fire and smoke damage. If not addressed immediately, these valuable items may be deemed a total loss. We employ special restoration processes to remove the corrosion and bring these valuable items back to their pre-disaster condition.





Mold Remediation

We follow local, state, federal, OSHA and EPA guidelines for

mold remediation projects. Our services include:

• Initial inspection and testing.
• Develop scope of work.
• Area containment.
• Remediation and removal of contaminated building materials.
• Detail cleaning and decontamination of structures and contents HVAC cleaning and decontamination.
• Moisture control.


A word about contingency planning

Being adequately prepared before disaster strikes directly impacts the speed and efficiency of recovery efforts. That's why creating and maintaining a comprehensive contingency plan is key. One of the most important components of a contingency plan is to identify a disaster restoration contractor before disaster strikes. This can be accomplished by establishing an Emergency Response Agreement, job order contract or preferred vendor status with American Technologies, Inc. For more information about contingency planning, click here.

Be prepared with an ERA

An Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) is a disaster recovery plan for commercial business owners and property managers. Created and administered by American Technologies, Inc., an ERA is a contractual agreement detailing recovery services that we will provide should disaster strike. With an ERA on file, a single telephone call to American Technologies, Inc. is all that's needed to initiate recovery services and get your operation up and running as quickly as possible. For more information about the Emergency Response Agreement program, click here.

Project Profile

Two days of major rainstorms caused flooding and mudslides, severely impacting this manufacturer of building materials. The interiors of four buildings and over three acres of outdoor space ...