Your Disaster Recovery Solution


Since 1989, American Technologies Inc. have been serving our customers across vast industries with disaster recovery services to both the building's structure and the contents located within the structure. Given the nature of our business, we work with clients from all different regions. As such, we understand that not all industries are alike, and even within the same industries, no two companies are alike. We work with all of our clients from the start to determine their needs and immediate goals following a disaster. Our professionals are equipped to work with you and your insurance representative to mitigate damages, minimize business interruptions and reduce customer or staff losses.



American Technologies Inc. have worked on some of the largest disasters to affect North America to South America: Los Angeles following the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, the Southern California wildfires of 2005 and 2007,  the Seattle Earthquake in 2001, the South Eastern Region of the United States following the 2004 and 2005 Hurricanes, New Orleans and the Southern United States following Hurricane Katrina, and South America following Hurricane Wilma .


Some or our services include

• Fire and water damage
• Catastrophe restoration
• Environmental remediation and abatement
• Reconstruction services
• Contents restoration

A word about contingency planning

Being adequately prepared before disaster strikes directly impacts the speed and efficiency of recovery efforts. That’s why creating and maintaining a comprehensive contingency plan is key. One of the most important components of a contingency plan is to identify a disaster restoration contractor before disaster strikes. This can be accomplished by establishing an Emergency Response Agreement, job order contract or preferred vendor status with American Technologies, Inc.


Be prepared with an ERA

An Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) is a disaster recovery plan for commercial business owners and property managers. Created and administered by American Technologies, Inc., an ERA is a contractual agreement detailing recovery services that we will provide should disaster strike. With an ERA on file, a single telephone call to American Technologies, Inc. and American Restoration is all that’s needed to initiate recovery services and get your operation up and running as quickly as possible. For more information about the Emergency Response Agreement program, click here.

Project Profile

Two days of major rainstorms caused flooding and mudslides, severely impacting this manufacturer of building materials. The interiors of four buildings and over three acres of outdoor space ...